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1 BitCoin In 5 Days


Hello Everyone!

 Before we start this method, you're going to need a VPN or proxy.
You can find them for free all over the internet. try Tor browser (just google for it) (Fastest) You will then need to make an account here:


Also make sure you use a real email, you're going to have to confirm it.
After you confirm it, you will receive extremly small amounts of BTC every day. Who wants that right? So we are going to make fake refferals,

Step 0: Make sure no account is logged in the Qoinpro site.
Step 1: Login to Your Real Qoinpro account And Copy your Referall link.
Step 2: Log out from the Qoinpro Account.
Step 2: Go to Fake E-Mail Tempor Disposable and get your email.
Step 3: Register on Qoinpro with your referall link and with the fake email from 
Step 4: Now when you have registered on Qoinpro with your referall link go to the Email site and refresh the page untill you see the mail that Qoinpro mailed you.
Step 5: Click on the mail that the mailed you and activate the Your Qoinpro Account and then Type Username,Password,security code Etc
And when you have registered voila you have 1 new referall!
And Logout from the account and repead the process Click on (don't use 10minutemail, it gave me an error when trying to register)
If you get a error when you wanna register on Qoinpro then just Change You IP on your VPN or change you proxy or whatever you are using!

This seems unrealistic but do-able at 2k accounts reffered it will take you only 5 days to earn 1 BTC. You can make alot:Screenshot by Lightshot
If you made any money from this, please vouch on the thread! Thanks and have a nice day!
Note: Only make ~200 accounts per IP then switch proxy/VPN. If it doesen't work to make more Accounts than 2-5, Switch IP on your Tor browser, proxy , VPN or whatever you are using to change you IP.
To switch IP on Tor browser just click on new identity.

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